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Love for Nature has been a cornerstone in my life since the age of 8-9, I still remember the drawings on the morphology of ants or other insects; love that has always evolved with the same idea and determination, always accompanied by the desire to undertake a course of study that would have made me know and appreciate what I know today as biodiversity.

It was inevitable that I continued my studies in the scientific field, to get to enroll in the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Calabria; moment in which more or less at the same time the passion for photography was born, the desire to immortalize, freeze the life around us.


In Photography I did everything self-taught, I followed some sporadic workshops in the past and between November 2015 and January 2016 a professional training course in environmental and naturalistic photojournalism organized by Bluocean SRL of Reggio Calabria in collaboration with the Region and sponsored by National Geographic Italy .

It changed my way of doing and seeing photography, it was very useful and educational. Course for which we have prepared a final reportage to take to the exam at the end of which I obtained the qualification of Environmental and Naturalistic Photojournalist. From December 2016 my collaborations began with magazines such as National Geographic Magazine Italia, That’s Italia, Casa in Fiore, InNatura and others. On the Publications page you can see my works.


In August 2017, after attending the training course at the park authority, I obtained the official and exclusive title of Guide of the Sila National Park. Between April and May 2019, thanks to a course also funded by the Sila National Park Authority, I became an Environmental Hiking Guide associated with AIGAE and entered in the national register of Italian Environmental Hiking Guides (GAE). For me it is now important to walk, travel and at every step go to the discovery of myself at the same time as the discovery of what surrounds us. It is now inevitable for me to perform these rituals, because walking for me is not just a sport, as Messner said: “Walking for me means entering nature. And that’s why I walk slowly, I hardly ever run. Nature for me is not a gymnastics court. I go to see, to feel, with all my senses. So my spirit enters the trees, the meadow, the flowers. The high mountains are a feeling for me. “

In a world full of wickedness, false ideals, I can find my true meaning, my true well-being only in Nature, so surely one of the quotes that most represents me is that of Thoreau, contained in his work Walden, Life in the Woods: ” I went into the woods because I wanted to live wisely, to face only the essential facts of life, and to see if I could not learn what it had to teach me, and not to discover, on my deathbed, that I had not lived. I did not want to live what was not a life, unless it was absolutely necessary. I wanted to live deeply, and suck all the marrow of it, live as a stalwart Spartan, so as to destroy everything that was not life, mow wide and close to the ground and then put life into a corner, reduced to its simplest terms. 


Making everyone feel at home, making them perceive its magnificence through the shots, promoting a continuous birth of ecological consciences and respectful of the environment and everything around us. A constant search for places and light, choosing the right time to better capture the beauty of the destinations, a constant pursuit to discover new and original points of view, a constant commitment to witness, sharing and training; formation of sense of belonging, the ones that everyone should have, because you want to protect things only when you know each other, and that’s why I try to let everyone know what is a few steps from our house, so that everyone can want to preserve it to always remain so.

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