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In all these years I have visited a lot of Mountains, Forests, Landscapes. I have walked for hundreds and hundres kilometres in routes, paths, roads. I have discovered so many  places and I have used my camera to show this world: myworldinthecamera. This is why I’ve choosen this name for my Instagram channel.

Since when I was young I wanted to discover the world, the Nature around everyone of us. It was the dream of my life. Luckily in 2008 I discoverd the magic of Photography and I decided to use it to build my memory of my trips and what Nature has to show to the world. I have started to love the Photography because it helped me to tell the people that we need to know and love.I grew up in Calabria, in southern Italy. There in the countryside I discovered nature up close, the complexity of small ecosystems, the microcosm that lives at our feet. Then I started exploring the mountains, woods, forests, rivers, canyons, national parks and protected areas.

I learned about animals and plants up close, I learned to wait for the sunset or spend the night in the woods and then photograph the sunrise. Curiosity has always guided me on this journey to discover nature and showing it to everyone made me and still makes me happy yet.

Here you can find all the beauty of the Nature that I disocovered during these years. Landscapes, Seascapes, Canyons, Rivers, Woods, Butterflies, Spiders, Birds, Mammals and everything else that Nature showed me and I needed to tell about.

All my works shown here to see how in recent years I have combined the love for nature with the passion for photography, making it a job but at the same time a mission. After the first few years, photography has become for me a way of communicating to discover the world, nature

Beautiful corners of the Earth Landscape photography Beautiful corners of the Earth
My thirst for travel is no less than my love for photography. And it’s wonderful when one passion can complement another. I travel around the most beautiful corners of our planet and I got amazing sceneries in my camera during the past years.
Photos of wild nature Wildlife Photography Photos of wild nature
Nature is my first and most important passion. I got hundreds perfect photos of nature: insects, birds, mammals, flowers.So, if you are looking for perfect photos of our mother nature for your needs - you are on the right way! Discover the beauty of the world with me.

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