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Hello and welcome to this page if you are here it means that you are a photography enthusiast and you love London, then you are in the right place!

As you have seen, my name is Giuseppe and I live in London. I have been a professional photographer for over a decade and you can find out more about me here. I am the owner of Bella Media Studio LTD which provides photography and videography services, besides doing this job in London I am a freelance photojournalist, you can see my publications here. 

These walks are to take you with me to discover London and help you in the field to learn the art of Photography, for two years I have also been carrying out a project on London parks, which you can read more about here.

Now sit back and choose the next event we will meet, camera in bag and let’s go!

Autumn in London

Learn the Photography art in the magic Fall season while we discover the Parks of London.

London By Night

Learn the Photography art while we walk in the city after the sunset when everything is calmer.

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